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Cleveland Park's Madeline Abruptly Shutters

"We just couldn't keep it together on our end."


Earlier this morning, Cleveland Park cafe, bar and laundromat Madeline revealed that they are closing their doors, effective immediately. Announced via social media, restaurant reps posted the following statement:

We want to thank all the wonderful people who came in and supported us over the last 5 months. Sadly, we have had to close the doors until further notice. You are all awesome for helping us try to make Madeline work, but we just couldn't keep it together on our end. We are working to get something in here that you can enjoy. Many, many thanks.

The quirky East Nashville spot had a short run, having opened up back at the beginning of March and bringing what appeared to be a unique neighborhood concept to Nashville.

But the door has clearly been left open for a different project to take its place, so be sure to check back for future updates.

Madeline Nashville

, Nashville, TN (615) 928-8088