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Maneet Chauhan Launching Mantra Artisan Ales Craft Brewery in Franklin

They'll be setting up shop in Turtle Anarchy Brewing Co.'s former home.

Mantra Artisan Ales/Facebook

Big news out of the local beer world today, as chef Maneet Chauhan has announced the launch of a new craft brewery, Mantra Artisan Ales. Chauhan is partnering with brewmaster Derrick Morse, formerly of Cool Springs Brewery, on the project, which is set to open this fall in the former Franklin home of Turtle Anarchy Brewing Co. That outfit is currently in the process of making a move to a larger location in West Nashville, announcing earlier this morning via social media that their Franklin taproom is now closed.

Chauhan's new brewery will feature a taproom with 24 taps and boast six year-round offerings: Saffron Cardamom IPA, Milk Chai Stout (both currently served at Chauhan Ale and Masala House), as well as a sour Belgian-style pale, a sour Flanders-style red, a Belgian-style wit/saison blend with coriander and bitter orange peel and a Belgian-style amber. A variety of seasonal brews will also be available.

Mantra also has plans to go retail, initially selling three of the beer styles in bottled six packs. Distribution across Tennessee will happen in 2015, with additional markets outside the state being added in 2016.

Chauhan's husband, Vivek Deora, as well as Morse's wife Kaleigh, will also be involved in the project.

Mantra Brewing