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Strategic Hospitality's Josh Habiger Opening Bastion in Wedgewood-Houston

The new project is headed for Houston Station.

Eater Nashville

It's long been rumored that Strategic Hospitality had been looking around the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood for their next project, and word comes out of their camp today that chef Josh Habiger, currently the group's culinary director and formerly half of the opening executive chef team at The Catbird Seat, will be partnering with them to open Bastion in the Houston Station property.

In a very brief media release, Habiger says that he wants the new spot to be unpretentious, with plans to serve "[b]eers, shots, a few simple cocktails, along with some other elements that we hope will make it a great place to go[.]" No details on what to expect from the kitchen, though.

The address of 434 Houston Street is given, with no specific suite, but Eater hears from multiple sources that Suite 100, on the far east corner of the property, will be the spot.

Have any additional details? Send them along to the tipline. Otherwise check back soon for more intel and updates.


434 Houston Street, Nashville, TN 37203, USA