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Las Vegas' Minus5 Ice Bar Is Planning Nashville Expansion

Looks like there will be a new way to beat the summer heat.

Minus5 Ice Bar/Facebook

Well this is interesting. Yesterday Eater Las Vegas ran an interview with Minus5 Ice Bar founder and president Noel Bowman discussing the past five years since opening up their first location at the Monte Carlo in Vegas. When asked about what's on tap for the future, Bowman revealed that they have plans for new locations in Hawaii, San Francisco, Dallas and (wait for it) Nashville.

That's right, it appears that sometime in the not-so-far-future Music City could be home to its very own ice bar and lounge. For the uninitiated, it's exactly what it sounds like. Guests pay money to hang out and drink cocktails in a bar made entirely of ice, featuring an LED light show, 'upbeat' music and various intricately carved ice sculptures.

When Eater reached out to Minus5 reps for additional information, they gave this brief statement from Bowman: "We are currently looking for locations in Nashville. More information will be released as the plans start coming together."

Minus5 currently has five locations, including two in Vegas and one each in New York City, Orlando and the Cayman Islands.

So be sure to check back for more updates, because someday you could be taking shots from this:

Minus5 Ice Bar