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Maneet Chauhan Plans Two New Restaurants in Former Anthem Space

Details on the two concepts are still under wraps.

Eater Nashville/Food Network

Less than a year after opening Chauhan Ale and Masala House, celebrity chef and self-described "Nash Yorker" Maneet Chauhan has some major growth plans in the works for Music City, as details are currently being finalized for two new as-yet-unannounced restaurant concepts.

Chauhan tells Eater that she and her business partners, including husband Vivek Deora and local businessman Moni Advani, have a lease in place for the former Anthem nightclub venue directly next door to her first restaurant in the North Gulch. While she declined to share any specifics, she did confirm that they would be two completely separate projects, with the space being divided, and that they are hoping to "fill some small gaps" within the Nashville dining scene with these new restaurants.

When news first broke last December about Anthem closing, former owner Advani told The Nashville Scene that they were "looking at doing another restaurant concept there, if not two[,]" and that Chauhan would be involved in some way. One project they were working on at the time was a new pizza restaurant from Stephanie Macca, daughter of Joey's House of Pizza founder Joey Macca. But by the sound of it, it won't be landing here.

Have any guesses as to what they might be? Place your bets in the comments, and be sure to check back for more details as things progress.