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Hillsboro Village's Amari to Launch High-End Cocktail Menu 'Decadent' Next Week

The short list will range in price from $25 to $35.


Next week Amari, the Hillsboro Village speakeasy-style cocktail bar perched above Savarino's Cucina, will open for their first Monday service. And with that, they'll introduce a new high-end cocktail menu entitled 'Decadent,' offering a small selection of drinks featuring liquors not typically found in cocktails at a price point not typically seen in any cocktail bar, with all five drinks ringing in between $25 and $35.

But bar manager Wil Schultz believes there is definitely a market for it in Nashville, telling Eater that "[p]eople like to spend money on expensive alcohol, but it's really hard to get people to spend that money on just a shot. So we want to create cocktails as a way for them to better enjoy it."

Schultz says that all five drinks, ranging from a "Blazing Toddy" with its own unique fiery preparation, to the "Last Word" featuring Monkey 47 Gin and green Chartreuse VEP, will be prepared table-side, because "[i]f you spend $35 on a cocktail, you deserve to have me come out to your table and make that drink." So take a look at the menu below, and let us know in the comments if you plan on heading over to try these high-dollar creations.

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