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Deb Paquette's Truss Is No Longer Headed for Sylvan Park

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But where will it land?

What was to be the home of Truss.
What was to be the home of Truss.
Eater Nashville

It's now official that Sylvan Park won't be the recipient of long time Nashville chef Deb Paquette's newest project. Reported by the Nashville Business Journal earlier today and subsequently detailed in a press release, Paquette and her business partners are moving on and in search of a new space for Truss, their planned neighborhood restaurant and bar.

The move stems from an ongoing dispute between the Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association and developer Priam Ventures over the footprint of the new building located at the corner of 46th and Utah. Currently sitting at 4,000 square feet, the association is questioning whether it might have been overbuilt, based on the plan approved by Metro.

Work on the project has been halted since July while Priam Ventures worked with Metro on a solution. In late August plans appeared to be in the works that would have decreased the size of the project, taking Truss's planned space from 3,000 square feet down to 2,300 square feet, amounting to a loss of approximately 20 seats.

But in the end Paquette and company weren't able to make the new downsized space work. However, what might be Sylvan Park's loss will be another neighborhood's gain, as they already have eyes on another "promising spot in another area of Nashville."

Any guesses as to where it might be? Do send any intel on to the tipline.