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Former Silly Goose Chef Roderick Bailey Thanks Diners for Their Support

But the reason for the sudden closing still remains a mystery.

The Silly Goose/Facebook

In the wake of last week's shocking news that East Nashville favorite The Silly Goose had abruptly closed their doors, fans of the restaurant were left with a lot of unanswered questions, with no announcement or reason given regarding the move. But today, while it doesn't shed any new light, former chef and owner Roderick Bailey has taken to The Silly Goose Facebook page to make his first formal statement and thank diners for their support:

A Message from Roderick Bailey and The Silly Goose: 
August 23rd, 2008: I came to Nashville--totally broken, scared, faithless, and hopeless. 
October 13th, 2009: I opened The Silly Goose with no money, no reputation, a George Foreman Grill, a bandana, and several sharpies. I had found hope in the previous year, faith in something to hold onto, and a chance at a new life. Truly a miracle. 
The last six years have been beyond anything I could have possibly fathomed. 
To all the people I have worked with- THANK YOU. You have been my family, my support, the best friends I've ever had. I'm so grateful for you all. I love you and I am so proud of you. 
You have all been part of true magic--way beyond the sum of our individual selfs. You helped me create a place where love and kindness came first and because of that, we made some fantastic food together.

To all of you who came to eat with us over the last six years--thank you. I hope you felt the love in our food, our music, and the way we treated you. 
Life is messy and so is the restaurant business. The Silly Goose took everything I had every day. It was hard, rewarding, beautiful in all its imperfections. 
I have no idea what the universe has planned for me next. I have faith and hope and I am filled with gratitude for what the Silly Goose and the last six years have been. 

With love & gratitude

Roderick Bailey

So while it certainly sounds like The Silly Goose is gone for good, there are clearly a lot of questions left to be answered, including why the shutter was so sudden.

The Silly Goose

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