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Here's a First Look at Proper Bagel's Soft Opening Menus

Breakfast sandwiches, latkes, bialy tartines and much more await.

Justin Chesney

Belmont eatery and market Proper Bagel is only a few days into their soft opening, and already Eater has gotten word that lines are consistently out the door. But what to order? Bagels, yes, but what else is on the menu? To help you blow through that order line, here is a first look at their soft opening menus.

Featuring a wide range of breakfast and lunch items, Proper Bagel's offerings are surprisingly varied. Breakfast and salad sandwiches, bialy tartines, soups and of course bagels, accompanied with flavored butters, jams and cream cheese. They also serve a number of items that aren't shown on the menu, including baked donuts, muffins, lemon bars, ruggalah and breakfast rolls.

Proper Bagel

Proper Bagel

Proper Bagel

2011 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212 (615) 928-7276