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Big Expansion Plans Are in the Works for Peg Leg Porker

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They include a second story and commissary kitchen

Facebook/Peg Leg Porker

Pitmaster Carey Bringle appears ready to move Peg Leg Porker into its second phase, as he has now revealed his long-in-the-works plans for the Gulch barbecue destination.

According to the Nashville Business Journal, those plans, totaling approximately $1 million in new construction, will include a second level that mirrors the first floor dining room and will include at least 160 seats, as well as a commissary kitchen on the ground floor that would allow them to get in to the private dining game.

In discussing the decision to expand the original instead of build new outposts, Bringle says that they “want there to be one Peg Leg Porker. ... Our value is that we’re a destination[.] My peers are partnering with large restaurant groups. Any partners that I had, I’ve bought out. If I don’t have to take on investors, then I won’t.”

No word yet on how soon the new additions might be completed, so check back for more updates.

Peg Leg Porker

904 Gleaves Street, Nashville, TN 615-829-6023