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Take a Look Inside The Hook, Opening This Wednesday

There's a lot of detail in this place.

It's a busy news day for The Hook, the new casual 8th Avenue restaurant and bar from Dale Levitski and the team at Sinema. First it was this morning's opening announcement and menu release, and now Eater has a great early look at the restaurant's interior, courtesy of Eater photographer Justin Chesney.

Essentially one big room, it's all in the details, with the restaurant's name not only referencing the food, but also its interior homage to all things music. Famous song lyrics, instruments and colorful artist portraits line the walls, including some interesting framed mash-ups placing big name artists in vintage photos (that's a big fish Tupac and Johnny caught!). And there's even some fishing equipment sprinkled in for good measure. So take a look around, and check it out in the flesh when they open on Wednesday.