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Massive Honky Tonk Moonshine Flats in Negotiations for Former McFadden's Space

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Cerveza Jack's, a new Mexican restaurant concept, would also be part of the project.


San Diego-based Moonshine Flats has now revealed where they at least hope to land their planned 38,000 square foot honky tonk in Nashville: the former Second Avenue home of McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon.

The Nashville Business Journal reports that Moonshine Flats business owner Ty Hauter is currently in negotiations to lease the four-story building located at 134 Second Avenue North. The project would include the previously reported open-air rooftop barbecue restaurant and bar The Deck, as well as Cerveza Jack's, a new Mexican restaurant and bar concept.

Hauter's certainly betting big on Nashville, angling for a 20 to 30 year lease on the space, as well as stating his plans to move his family here from San Diego. And if all goes as planned, he hopes to be open approximately a year from now.