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It's Officially Official: Bound'ry Is Closed for Good

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The former restaurant is now operating as a private dining space only.

Eater Nashville

This is certainly not a surprise, but it's confirmation of what many have rightfully assumed: Midtown's Bound'ry restaurant is no more. Updates on the restaurant's future, other than the owner's initial insistence that it would reopen after some renovations, had been scant in the nearly eight months after they abruptly closed last June. But in response to a reader comment on their Facebook page this past weekend, Bound'ry reps stated that they "are no longer a restaurant[, but] are still open for private dining and off-site catering."

After axing nearly their entire staff without notice and no noticeable changes to the restaurant other than the 'update' to their exterior, this is about the only way things could turn out.


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