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Husband & Wife Team Tony and Caroline Galzin Are Leaving Fifty First Kitchen & Bar

They're making the move to 'pursue a new restaurant opportunity.'

Justin Chesney

Major changes are coming to one of this past year's most high profile new restaurants, as a surprise announcement is out this morning that pioneering Nations' restaurant Fifty First Kitchen & Bar's chef/GM duo Tony and Caroline Galzin are leaving the project at the end of the month.

A statement from their reps doesn't give a direct reason for the move, but does say that they have a new restaurant opportunity on the horizon.

The change does create a big opportunity for current sous chef Francesco Vito, formerly the chef de cuisine at Blvd Nashville and Cha Chah, as he will take over the executive chef position at the beginning of March. But time will tell if the restaurant is able to recover from such a huge loss, just nine months removed from opening.

Be sure to check back soon for updates on the Galzins' new project.

Fifty First Kitchen & Bar

, Nashville, TN (615) 712-6111