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Sinema Executive Chef Dale Levitski Resigns Following DUI Arrest

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Both Sinema and The Hook now have new executive chefs

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Rumors had been stirring this week about what the fallout might be from Sinema executive chef Dale Levitski's arrest last week on suspicion of DUI, and this morning comes the not completely unexpected announcement that Levitski has resigned from his post as executive chef and culinary director of Sinema and The Hook.

In a prepared statement, Levitski says that he "informed the ownership of [his] intent to step down as executive chef and culinary director effective mid-year, with plans to turn the culinary reins over to" Kyle Patterson and Alex Leibow, who were recently promoted to chef de cuisine and sous chef, respectively, at Sinema. But it appears that the arrest sped those plans up, with Levitski continuing: "In consultation with the Reed family, I have decided that it is best for me to resign now and focus on the next chapter of my life." Patterson will now take over as executive chef at Sinema, with Vasisht Ramasubramanian, who was named chef at The Hook earlier this year, taking the executive chef role there.

Owner Colin Reed also acknowledges Levitski's contributions in the statement:

The Reed family and management team at both restaurants would like to thank Dale for his hard work in helping establish the culinary side of these two concepts[.] His contributions have been invaluable and we wish him well as he continues his career.

No word yet on what Levitski's plans might be or if he'll even stay in Nashville, so be sure to check back for future updates.


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