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Anthony Bourdain Is Shooting a New Episode of 'Parts Unknown' in Nashville

He's been spotted quite a few places around town since Sunday

Facebook/Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

It looks as though Anthony Bourdain, everyone's favorite foul-mouthed globetrotting chef, is in Nashville filming an episode for a new season of his hit CNN series Parts Unknown.

While he and his crew are doing a pretty good job of keeping their various locations under wraps, a trail of social media breadcrumbs is forming. Bourdain was at The Patterson House on Sunday night, with one fan snapping a photo of B-roll footage being shot.

Anthony Bourdain

Then last night he was spotted doing a little East Nashville dive bar hopping with Husk executive chef and frequent partner in crime Sean Brockhitting up Dino's and taking time out for a photo op at Edgefield Sports Bar & Grill.

Other tips that Eater has received have placed him at well known spots like City House and Pinewood Social. So if you happen to spot the celebrity chef around town, let us know.