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Here Is a First Look at the Full Menu for East Nashville's Graze

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They're planning to open April 27

Graze Nashville/Facebook

Vegetarian restaurant and bar Graze, the newest project from Wild Cow owners Melanie and John Cochran, is just a week away from opening now, as chef Nick Davis tells Eater that they are planning to welcome their first guests next Wednesday, April 27. And to get you appropriately prepped, here is a first look at the opening menu.

Open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, Graze will serve breakfast, juices and smoothies all day every day, with the full menu available starting at 11 a.m. The entire menu, broken down between breakfast, small plates and snacks, entrees and desserts, is affordably priced, with the most expensive food item, the banh minis, ringing in at $12. Other items include a hot tempeh biscuit, breakfast burrito, southwestern tabouleh and goose's couscous.

As for the beverages, in addition to their roster of custom smoothies and fresh juices, they are also offering a full bar, with cocktails coming in at a very modest price point of $6 to $8 a drink. Take a look at the full menu below, and be sure to check back for additional updates.


1888 Eastland Ave, Nashville, TN 37206, USA