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What Mystery James Beard Award Winner Is Headed for East Nashville's Fluffo Property?

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At this point it's anybody's guess

Earlier this week the announcement was made that a new 40,000 square foot mixed-used development called The Wabash is planned for the back of the Fluffo Mattress property in East Nashville. The new building, which will have an address of 901 Woodland St., will include space for two new restaurants. But what's certainly the most interesting bit of news about the development can only be found on its official website.

A keen-eyed reader tipped Eater off to the fact that, under the list of on-site amenities for The Wabash, an as-yet-unannounced restaurant tagged as a 'James Beard winner' is coming to the 900 Main St. building, which was the first phase of the Fluffo redevelopment. With so many eyes on Nashville, this could be any of a number of chefs/restaurants vying for a piece of the Music City pie. But could it also be incorrect? The site also lists current restaurant tenant Butcher & Bee as a James Beard winner, and while their Nashville outpost and Charleston original have certainly proven to be popular, they've not yet been the recipient of a Beard Award.

Have any clues as to what the new restaurant might be? Send any and all intel to the tipline.