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Bastion Lands on Bill Addison's Best New Restaurants List for 2016

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It's the first time Nashville has been represented on the list

Bastion Restaurant
Bastion Restaurant
Eater Nashville/Sam Angel

Bastion, the neighborhood bar and 24-seat restaurant from former Catbird Seat chef Josh Habiger and Strategic Hospitality, has made Eater restaurant editor Bill Addison's second annual list of the Best New Restaurants in the country. The Wedgewood-Houston hot spot is the first Nashville restaurant to land on the list. Addison writes:

At first glance, Bastion appears to be just another cavernous bar strung with lights and arrayed with a flea market’s worth of mismatched chairs and animal-themed oil paintings. But inside hides the true dining destination: a minimal, 24-seat room anchored by a curving maple bar facing an open kitchen, just behind a corrugated metal door. This is the domain of Josh Habiger, one of the founding chefs of Nashville’s tasting-menu phenom The Catbird Seat, and here he puts on full display his mastery over edible still lifes that thrum with warm Southern flavors.

Check out more of Bill's thoughts on Bastion, along with information about the other 20 Best New Restaurants, here.


434 Houston St, Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 490-8434