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Fat Bottom Brewing to Close Oct. 1 in Preparation for Its Big Move

New Nations’ taproom opening targeted for November

Fat Bottom Brewing Submitted

Well we now know when the last pint will be poured at Fat Bottom Brewing’s current location, as NOBLE Nashville reports that the East Nashville brewery will close up shop on Oct. 1 to start the move to its new Nations digs.

A representative for Fat Bottom confirmed the date to Eater, stating that they will begin operation in the new location as soon as the equipment move is complete. The 32,000-square-foot facility will also include a much-expanded taproom called The HopYard, which they hope to open in November, barring any construction delays. Included in the taproom will be a restaurant, a private event space called The Reserve and a filling station they’re calling the 'Nations' Tiniest Beer Store.'

So be sure to check back for plenty of updates as the opening creeps closer.

Fat Bottom Brewery

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