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UPDATE: Germantown Bar Is Actually the Name of This Three Project Complex

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The restaurant and two bars now all have names

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UPDATED (6/6/17): More details are out today regarding this somewhat mysterious project. And as it turns out, Germantown Bar is actually the name of the overall project, not one of the concepts. Speaking with The Tennessean, general manager Brandwyd Allen reveals that there will be a Southern/American-inspired restaurant called Black Forest Lodge; a laid-back watering hole called Schultz Saloon; and the previously mentioned trolley-themed bar called (still uncreatively) Nashville Historic Trolley Bar. An opening date for the complex has still not been announced.

(5/12/17): Several new bar projects look to be well underway at a prime Germantown property located at 1318 6th Avenue N. And one, featuring a trolley as its centerpiece, has been given the rather uninventive name....Germantown Bar.

Back in November, the now dormant NOBLE Nashville news and community site first reported that a structure across the street from Steadfast Coffee was being built around an old trolley car. Additional details were few, but the 2,245-square-foot building was to be a 119-seat restaurant and bar with a trolley bar as the focal point. That project’s name, Germantown Bar, was revealed late last week when exterior signage went up.

According to Germantown Bar’s Facebook page, it will be open for lunch and dinner and feature three separate bars. In the initial Metro Nashville Historic Zoning Commission documents, it was stated that it would be part of a three project development. The property to the right looks as though it is set up to be a bar as well, with a number of neon beer signs visible through the windows at night.

Eater has reached out for additional info, so be sure to check back for more updates.

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