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Here Is the First Preview of Prima’s New Menus, Launching June 9

Chef Andy Little is giving it a whole new look and feel

The crab salad at Prima

It’s almost time for the unveiling of Prima ‘2.0,’ as the restaurant, now under the direction of current Josephine executive chef Andy Little, will officially launch its new menus this Friday. And Eater has your first preview.

Offering both a la carte and tasting menu options of Little’s modern American cuisine, he says that the restaurant “has a new look and feel in general when it comes to the food, uniforms, service, etc. We want to be very specific about the details, but we want to have a blast doing it.”

But Little also says that a common question in recent weeks is how Prima will be different from his first restaurant, Josephine:

Prima is a little more refined, and there is a tasting available, but the DNA of Josephine is still there. I would hope people come in and recognize a common thread between the two restaurants. Because if they can’t, well then I feel like you don’t have a clearly defined style. If they can recognize a certain creativity and playfulness with the food, then I think that’s great.

The a la carte menu is broken down between snacks and first and second courses. Little says that the “guts of the menu will stay the same through mid-September, because I want people to be able to look at it and come in and get what they want, since in so many aspects it is a brand new restaurant.” Items range from beef tartar and veal sweetbreads, to Little’s version of a lobster boil and a 32-ounce grilled ribeye with potato gratin for two.

The new tasting option, available nightly with the entire table’s participation, clocks in at nine courses for $90, giving diners an approximately two hour experience. Little says that this menu will change often, based on product availability and the whims of the kitchen.

Brunch has also been overhauled, with a similar look to Josephine’s but “a bit more refined.” And never fear, pastry chef Dean Gallagher’s pastry cart will still be making the rounds on the weekends.

So take a look at the menus below, and if you go, be sure to send any first impressions to the tipline.