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Flip Burger Closes Sylvan Park Location

 “A crowded field of other burger concepts" forced the shutter

Eater Nashville

A prominent burger spot appears to have succumbed to the escalating competition, as Flip Burger Boutique has closed its doors in West Nashville.

The restaurant, an expansion of well-known chef and former Top Chef contestant Richard Blais’ Atlanta-based mini-chain, opened in January 2015 at 4111 Charlotte Ave. to high expectations. But, according to a release received by the Nashville Post, the crush of new burger options in town was too much, citing that the closure was "due to increased competition from a crowded field of other burger concepts."

The restaurant’s ownership group plans to bring a different project to the space, and they “are diligently working to identify what the next concept might be."

New burger concepts have certainly been plentiful over the past few years, especially on the west side of town. Along the same short stretch of Charlotte Avenue where Flip Burger operated, additional options include M.L Rose Craft Beer & Burgers, Farm Burger, Double Dogs (which features hamburgers prominently), Bobbie’s Dairy Dip and the newly opened Hugh-Baby’s BBQ & Burger Shop.