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Take a Look at New Midtown Mexican Joint Nada’s Bright, Colorful Interior

The import opened last week

Mexican restaurant and bar Nada opened in Midtown’s Aertson project early last week. An import from Cincinnati-based Boca Restaurant Group, the 6,000-square-foot, 146 seat eatery located at 202 21st Ave. South offers a light, colorful interior with a variety of seating areas.

The bar program focuses appropriately on tequila, with a wide range of options housed in the 14-seat, 20 by 30 foot window-lit bar. Additional bar seating includes two-tops, as well as banquette table seating.

The main dining room features reclaimed pine, sun-silvered pine, and hickory wood accents throughout, along with some colorful tile work. Seating again runs a wide range from four-tops and leather booths to an eight-seat table. A 12-seat private dining space with its own collection of tequila is tucked away in the back.

So take a look around, and be sure to leave any first impressions in the comments or send them on the tipline.

The bar
Main dining room
Sam Angel
Private dining room

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