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Beloved Brioche Bakery Announces First Retail Shop

Brightside Bakeshop will open in East Nashville this month

Brightside Bakeshop/Facebook

Small batch bakery and popular purveyor of plump cinnamon rolls Brightside Bakeshop announced yesterday via Instagram they’ll be opening their first retail shop this October in East Nashville. Located in the Shops at Porter East at 713 Porter Road, the bakeshop’s first official home will provide a permanent place for their sweet cinnarolls, savory brioche rolls, monkey breads, and seasonally-appropriate plethoras of pumpkin pastries.

Growing up with a passion for baking, Borchers recalls visits to her grandparents’ house that immediately flooded her with the sweet aroma of chocolate chips from whatever her grandmother was baking. The childhood memories and passion for baking fueled from that inspired Borchers to open Brightside. For the last two years, fans have flocked to farmers markets and coffee shops around town to indulge in owner Andrea Borchers’ baked goods, so much so that Borchers left her other full-time job as the wholesale aspect of her bakery grew. Her new East Nashville retail digs should open come October.