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One of Nashville’s Most-Heralded Hot Chicken Spots Gets New Home Tomorrow

And other hot AM intel

400 Degrees

Much-heralded hot chicken moves from truck to restaurant

Native Nashvillian and forever hot chicken fan Aqui Hines grew up eating Prince’s Hot Chicken, and she is so passionate about the fiery fowl she developed a crowd-pleasing restaurant and starting her own thing. Starting 400 Degrees Hot Chicken on Clarksville Pike over a decade ago, Hines has most recently served from her food truck parked at the new brick-and-mortar location’s address, and her new permanent restaurant opens tomorrow, November 13 at 3704 Clarksville Pike.

Hines’ hot chicken recipe calls for deep-fried rather than skillet-fried chicken, a chief distinction between 400 degrees and most other restaurants, but hers is consistently considered among the best in Nashville. Only the bravest patrons dare order the “400 degrees” spice level — the hottest chicken Hines offers. She shares glimpses of the new location on 400 Degrees’ Instagram account.

400 Degrees is open Tuesday - Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from noon until 5 p.m. It’s closed on Sunday and Monday.

Bolton’s owner facing cancer treatment, Nashville rallies to raise funds

The Nashville Scene posted some sad news, that the owner of Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish, Bolton Matthews, is fighting stage IV colon cancer. A GoFundMe account has been set up in his name to help the family raise funds for his treatment. An intense regimen of medications and chemotherapy have already outstripped what insurance will cover, and is only likely to get more expensive. Bolton and his wife, Dollye, have a 4 year-old baby girl.

Aertson Midtown’s fancy sports bar opens this week

Millennial-friendly sports bar The Ainsworth debuts in Nashville on Wednesday, November 14 in the Aertson Midtown at 206 21st Ave S. The first venture into Nashville for Paige Hospitality Group, The Ainsworth is open daily with small plates, salads, burgers, and tacos. Something to watch for — the insane, gold-dusted Foodgod 24K Gold Wings which start at $45. The $1000 50-piece order comes accompanied by a gold bottle of Ace of Spades champagne, because, of course it does. During soft opening, the wings weren’t available in Nashville yet, but they warn that they’re coming.

Jackson’s was demolished to make way for...a new restaurant building

According to the Nashville Post, the site where recently-razed old Nashville classic Jackson’s Bistro once stood will welcome another restaurant. Located at 1800 21st Ave. S., the 0.29-acre property belongs to the LaGasse family, who declined to provide more information at this time. LaGasse Properties hired Kimley-Horn and Associates to take care of engineering and land planning efforts, and they plan to go before the Metropolitan Planning Commission in December for approval of the project.

This Belmont restaurant is “on a break” for the month of November

Following the devastating loss of longtime Nashville restaurateur Patti Myint, her son and chef Arnold Myint says they’ve closed Blvd temporarily, according to the Nashville Business Journal. A handwritten sign on the door announced the closure for the month of November, and a social media post says “With the recent family circumstances, I feel it best that the Myint family and staff take a moment to regroup. We have some plans in the near future so please continue to follow us for updates.” Blvd has been open for five years.