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Vote Now for Nashville’s Best Design of the Year

The full list of nominees for the 2018 Eater Awards

Welcome to day three of the 9th annual Eater Awards, honoring the most talented restaurant and bar industry gurus in cities across the world. Here’s how the Eater Awards work: All 24 Eater cities and the national site will award prizes in multiple categories, including but not limited to Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year, and Design of the Year.

In each category, editors will choose an editor’s choice winner and readers will vote for a readers’ choice winner — all to be announced on December 5, 2018. Editor’s choice winners receive an illustrious tomato can trophy, as is the tradition around here, plus a splashy feature throughout the course of the coming year.

A quick note on eligibility for the Eater Awards: to be considered, restaurants should have opened in the last year, ranging from October of 2017 (too early to be considered last year) until September 2018.

This year’s design nominees run the gamut from an eye-catching underground lounge to a stunning coffee roastery and azure-laced restaurant in East Nashville.

Take a peek inside each of today’s nominees before voting, if you’d like:

First up is dark and moody Rambler — the electric underground bar-within-a-bar and cocktail oasis hidden beneath 8th Avenue South’s Sutler.

Sam Angel

Part social club, part live music and entertainment venue, Analog at Hutton Hotel’s main bar puts a bevy of used analog electronics to great use — upcycling at its finest.

Sam Angel

Stay Golden’s bright, pared-down aesthetic is really easy on the eyes.

Sam Angel

Geist has another stunning “less is more” approach — one that honors the 118-year-old blacksmith shop once housed there.

The main bar at Geist Sam Angel

Lyra shines, welcoming diners with inviting blue and green hues.

Sam Angel

Now, without any further ado, it’s time to vote for the reader’s choice winner in the Design of the Year category. Polls will be open for 24 hours and will be strictly policed for funny business.

Cast your vote for Design of the Year now; the poll closes at 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 29: