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Strategic Hospitality Is Likely Bringing Shaved Ice to 12 South

Rumors continue about what the rest of the building will entail

Delia Jo Ramsey/Eater Nashville

Eater Nashville heard rumors a few weeks back that the Goldberg brothers purchased the building beside Franklin Juice Company at 2305 12th Ave. S. The Nashville Business Journal confirmed via a Metro building permit Strategic Hospitality’s intent to dedicate a part of the building to shaved ice. Kakigōri is an icy Japanese dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener (often condensed milk) shaved ice, that former Catbird Seat chef and repeat collaborator Trevor Moran has been cranking (alongside excellent steamed paper-thin gyoza and rayu chili oil) on sporadic weekend pop-ups at Proper Sake Co.

The permit was issued last week, according to the Business Journal, but doesn’t provide much more information. When Eater contacted a representative from Strategic Hospitality, (asking also if Moran’s delightful dumplings would be a part of the deal) the representative gave little more informations, but did say via email that they’ve chatted with him about many different opportunities and continue to explore ideas and projects.