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Nashville’s Food Writers Sum Up 2018 in One Word

What word defines the year?

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Choice words include chaotic, volatile, and apogee
Eater Nashville

The year is drawing to a close and, as is tradition, Eater Nashville has surveyed several Nashville food writers and dining experts on everything from their best meal in 2018 to their food headline predictions for 2019. Responses are cut, pasted, and (mostly) unedited, and are listed in no particular order. The experts have already given their restaurant standbys when dining off duty. Be sure to check back throughout the week for more Year in Eater coverage.

Now, Nashville’s dining authorities sum up the overall dining year in Nashville with one word.

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Sum up the 2018 restaurant world in one word.

Margaret Littman, author Moon Nashville, Moon Nashville to New Orleans Road Trip guidebooks, freelance writer for Nashville Scene, Nashville Lifestyles and other publications: Chaotic

Chris Chamberlain, food writer at Nashville Scene, Sounds Like Nashville: Apogee?

Erin Byers Murray, Nashville Lifestyles magazine editor: Simmering down.

Nancy Vienneau, restaurant critic, The Tennessean; food journalist, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine: Roller-coaster

Beth Sachan, founder and food writer at Eat. Drink. Smile: Dizzying.

Kristen Luna, travel and food writer and founder of travel blog Camels & Chocolate: Volatile.

Courtney Hood, founder of Blonde Voyage Nashville: Oversaturated (Even though, precarious might be a better choice).

Delia Jo Ramsey, Eater Nashville editor: Unsteady.

But also, I very badly wanted to say ‘bananas’, in light of the whole “we’re closing, no, we’re reopening under new owners” spectacle that is a new Nashville theme, apparently.