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A Downtown Speakeasy Accessible via Phone Booth Is Set for Downtown

And other AM intel

Red Phone Booth [Official Photo]

According to the ABC, Atlanta-based speakeasy Red Phone Booth will open early next year at 136 Rosa Parks Blvd. The new bar gains entry to guests dialing a “secret” phone number from its red restored antique London phone booth. The number is discovered by joining the bar’s membership program or receiving it from another member of the bar. Downtown Nashville concierges also will hold the secret code. Red Phone Booth serves classic cocktails including rare bourbon, whiskey, scotch, and Japanese whisky selections — plus cigars and private cigar lockers. The website says “appropriate, tasteful attire must be worn at all times.”

Sean Brock’s new Nashville restaurant will have a mindfulness room for employees

In a Men’s Health article in November, five chefs in recovery shared details about their lives in sobriety, and Sean Brock gave a few hints about what chefs can expect from his new East Nashville restaurant. While details are still few about his new project, in the article, Brock states that his restaurant will have a heavy focus on creating a safe space for employees. A soundproof mindfulness room is part of that, and Brock says he hopes to share his tools for staying centered and happy. He also shares that the space will have a classroom, and that the restaurant is one he plans to retire in. In August, Brock announced his split from Charleston-based Neighborhood Dining Group to focus on his own future Nashville projects Eater reached out to Brock’s publicist, but was told there were no new restaurant details at this time.

Sam’s Place is opening in Nippers Corner soon

Social media posts announce hiring for the newest upscale sports bar from the Sam’s Sports Grill and Sperry’s restaurant families. The new location at 15545 Old Hickory Blvd is expected to open in December or early January.