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Tavern Will Offer Its Popular Brunch Menu Three Days a Week Starting This Friday

And its bringing two-for-one drinks with it


Starting this Friday, brunch lovers will have an extra shot at one of Nashville’s most popular weekend dining spots as Midtown restaurant and bar Tavern is expanding its brunch service to three days a week.

M Street Entertainment Group’s seven-year-old gastropub located at 1904 Broadway has long been a weekend go-to, with customers queuing up at the front door prior to opening to avoid the regular hours-long wait due to Tavern’s no-reservation brunch policy. But now those looking to get the weekend started extra early and potentially avoid the crowds have an additional chance at executive chef Jay Flatley’s eclectic menu featuring dishes like Singapore stir fry, red velvet waffles, and ‘white trash hash.’

The full brunch menu will be offered from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Friday, including two-for-one drinks such as blood orange mimosas, red sangria, Bloody Marys, and more.