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$13 Milkshakes Custom-Made for Instagram Are Coming to Nashville

The Legendairy Milkshake Bar is aiming for a June opening downtown

‘Rolling in the Cookie Dough’ milkshake
Legendairy Milkshake Bar/Facebook

Just like death and taxes, the coming of the high-priced, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink milkshake trend to Nashville was inevitable. And sure enough, Music City has its first taker, as Legendairy Milkshake Bar aims to start serving up its Instagram-ready desserts early this summer.

Currently under construction at 171 3rd Ave. North next to Demos’ Restaurant, co-owner Christina Helton Barnett, along with some silent investors, plans to open the 4,000-square-foot sweets shop in late June. Barnett told the Nashville Post earlier this month that they chose downtown Nashville for the first location because they “like the ‘Hollywood of the South’ vibe and atmosphere,” stating that their “brand has an authentic, dairy-farm style that we think locals and visitors to Nashville will appreciate.”

The menu, which is currently available online, offers a dozen specialty milkshakes along with a create your own option, all ringing in at a wallet-busting $13 a pop. Add tax and that’s creeping close to $15 per shake. Compare that to the over-the-top “Crazy Shakes” at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in New York City, where even those viral sensations still just cost $15 plus tax in a city where sky-high prices are the norm.

The milkshakes, offered in pint-sized mason jars, all follow a similar formula: the jars are dip-coated and ringed with sweets, filled with a variety of ice cream flavors, then topped with the pièce de résistance. Take for example the salty caramel cheesecake shake (below), which has a coating of potato chips and a whole slice of cheesecake on top.

Salty caramel cheesecake shake at Legendairy Milkshake Bar
Legendairy Milkshake Bar/Facebook

You can follow along on the sweet shop’s Instagram page to stay in the know regarding an opening date and other details.