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Cousins Maine Lobster Rolling Out in Smyrna Soon

Opening this week

Cousins Maine Lobster

Popular food truck and Shark Tank success story Cousins Maine Lobster announced in February that the next phase of its local growth was the opening of a brick and mortar restaurant this spring — that time is now, with a public opening on Saturday, May 26.

Local franchisees Craig and Quinn Betts will open the dining room at 1932 Almaville Rd. in Smyrna.

The menu is similar to that of the Cousins Maine Lobster outpost in West Hollywood, Calif. This means to expect all the regular seafood favorites, along with some additional offerings. Look for lobster tots, shrimp tacos, lobster rolls, fried clams, lobster quesadillas, and more.

The hours listed online are seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Before the big opening, Cousins Maine Lobster will host media events this week, so watch for hustle, bustle, and plenty of lobster rolls in Smyrna.

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