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Nashville’s First Tiki Bar Shows Off Progress

Frozen strawberry daiquiris on the way?


Nashville is steps closer to having its first tiki bar Chopper. Barista Parlor owner and founder Andy Mumma, Isle of Printing founder Bryce McCloud, and former longtime Husk Nashville bar manager Mike Wolf prepare to open up shop in the former east side homes of Bar Luca and Moto Moda, and they have progress photos on Facebook to prove it.

The forthcoming establishment looks fairly bare bones now, but to add some tease and color to the impending opening, Chopper is popping up across Nashville with tiki drinks in tow. There’s still one takeover left, as on Monday, June 4, Chopper will bring cocktails to The Green Hour at Tempered Cafe. Look for drinks like the Catalina Cooler, Caribbean punch, frozen strawberry daiquiris, and more.

Also keep an eye out on the building at 521 Gallatin Ave. for signs of Chopper coming to life. Fingers crossed for tiki drinks before summer.

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Posted by C H O P P E R on Friday, May 18, 2018

Chopper [Facebook]
The Green Hour at Tempered Cafe [Facebook]