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Paradise Park Trailer Resort to Shutter Next Month

There’s something new on the way

Paradise Park

Broadway bar staple Paradise Park Trailer Resort will shut down next month to make way for something brand new from Strategic Hospitality. The restaurant group owned by brothers Benjamin and Max Goldberg holds numerous Nashville big-name properties like The Catbird Seat, Pinewood, The Patterson House, Henrietta Red’s, and more. The duo started Paradise Park in 2007.

Strategic Hospitality’s communications director Tara Tocco Goldberg had this to say on the Broad Varieties blog:

Nashville has changed tremendously in the time since Paradise Park opened so this is a chance for a fresh start in an evolving city. The new business going in to 411 will cover all three floors and the rooftop. In the same vein as other Strategic Hospitality restaurants, the food and cocktail menus will be spot-on. A lot of time and attention has gone in to the building’s history, and it will be reflected in the design and details when the new concept opens. We’re excited to stay in 411 and build a new legacy, and we promise to keep our side of Broadway fun.

Any guesses on what’s next for 411 Broadway?

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