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Pastry Chef Extraordinaire Hints at a New Home For Her Macarons and Doughnuts

Details on the new shop’s exact location are still to come

Utterly Nashville/Facebook

Mayme Gretsch and Utterly Nashville have called the city home for a few years, but now it looks like the pastry wizard’s lavish confections will get their very own space.

A post to Utterly Nashville’s Instagram account this morning shows only a key and mentions briefly that a new shop will open in 2019. Eater has reached out for any further details on the timing and exact location.

Gretsch’s doughnuts, macarons, and classic French cannelés have been highly coveted attractions in their current locations. They appear at coffee shop Crema on Fridays through Sundays, and her pies have called dive bar Dino’s home throughout the week.

The chef premiered her pastry project in 2014 after spending time in some of the world’s most esteemed kitchens, including Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, Chicago’s Alinea, and helping open Nashville’s Catbird Seat as pastry chef. Growing up in Minneapolis, Gretsch developed her love for cooking at an early age—growing up in a single-parent home she made it her contribution to plan and prepare most meals for the family. There she found her passion and a love for cooking and researching ingredients for recipes.

Gretsch puts particular focus on sourcing ingredients for her pastries—be it full-fat milk from a Tennessee dairy, vanilla beans from Madagascar, or single origin chocolate from Honduras.

Here’s the full post from the restaurant’s Instagram:

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