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Signs of Life at Hillsboro Village’s Former Home of Savarino’s

The sign shows a new name — Flight 2121

Flight 2121 is the new name for the international cafe in the former Savarino’s Cucina space at 2121 Belcourt Avenue in Hillsboro Village. Originally slated as Belcourt Café International Cuisine, a new sign draped outside says it will be called Flight 2121 (the restaurant’s street address number) instead, and has the tagline “take off to your international destination.”

Just last week the Nashville Post stated that the status of the restaurant was unclear after the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office taped a notice to the door. The notice said that the owner of the restaurant, Hungry Dine LLC, “must vacate” the building. But it appears whatever took place legally is settled now, as workers were inside the building today doing construction, and the building has a fresh paint job.

Savarino’s shuttered in April of 2017 after 11 years, when Hungry Dine LLC assumed their lease. Hungry Dine LLC, who also owns and operates two Dosa Hut Indian Grill locations in town, will apparently offer everything under the sun in the new restaurant, including Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Indian, Singaporean, Mexican, and Middle Eastern dishes.