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It Seems Gavigan’s Gulch Izakaya Is Getting a Hidden Karaoke Room

Insiders say a back storage room at Bar Otaku will open for private events, drinks, and Japanese soul food

Sam Angel

A few tipsters and industry insiders are saying that chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author Sarah Gavigan is launching a hidden karaoke/listening room in the back of her newly opened Japanese izakaya, Bar Otaku.

This would be a seemingly appropriate move for the Nashville native, given both her background in the music industry and her dedication to bringing Japanese culture to Nashville diners.

Details at this point are sparse, but it seems the karaoke room will open sometime this fall, and that private servers will be dedicated to the small groups renting the small space.

Nashville’s first izakaya Bar Otaku opened in January of this year, an extension of Gavigan’s popular Otaku community and an attempt to unify the popular brand which helped introduce the art of ramen to Music City.

Stay tuned for further details and confirmation soon.

UPDATE: Owner Sarah Gavigan confirms the launch of the new back room karaoke bar sometime in October.