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Shuttered Nashville Staple Paradise Park Is Coming Back to Broadway

Astroturf, $6 pitchers, and those tater tots — returning to Downtown Sporting Club in early December

Paradise Park

Downtown Sporting Club will welcome back beloved Nashville staple Paradise Park very soon.

Currently under construction, and returning to its former, astro-turf-lined home at 411 Broadway sometime in early December, according to a press release from Strategic Hospitality, Downtown Sporting Club will continue operations as normal — multi-tasking as a restaurant, coffee shop, and sports bar with ax-throwing, plus a hotel and garden rooftop. A portion of the first floor will be split into two parts with the main restaurant the Ribbon Room to house the smaller, newer iteration of the much-missed Paradise Park.

Six months into Downtown Sporting Club, they made efforts to dip their toes back into the astroturf-filled waters of Paradise Park, introducing live music and the local-loved $6 beer pitchers back into the space. After seeing success with these changes, they’re ready for Paradise Park to have a permanent post within the new venture.

“When we conceptualized Downtown Sporting Club, we couldn’t envision how Paradise Park would work within the building,” said Benjamin Goldberg, founder and co-owner of Strategic Hospitality. “After being here for a while now and seeing how the different spaces are being used, we see an opportunity to bring it back to its original home at 411 Broadway.

“We always create spaces where we want to go,” said Max Goldberg co-owner of Strategic Hospitality. “We have had so much fun with all the elements of Downtown Sporting Club but Paradise Park holds a soft spot in our hearts for many reasons and was a part of some pretty amazing moments and memories. We are so excited for it to become part of the energy that already exists in the building...It’s time to bring back the trailer park, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Paradise Park first opened in 2007, then closed in July of 2018, to the disappoint of many locals and dedicated burger, tater tot and $6 pitcher loyalists.