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New Industry Bar Hosts Gathering in Remembrance of Longtime Nashville Chef

Industry friends and colleagues of Larry Carlile to gather tonight at Fat Kat Slim’s upstairs bar the Attic

Fat Kat Slim’s

Longtime Nashville chef Larry Carlile, most recently of newly opened Fat Kat Slim’s, died by suicide earlier in December. Tonight, Fat Kat Slim’s upstairs, industry-only bar the Attic is hosting an event in remembrance of the chef, tonight, Wednesday, December 18 at 8 p.m.

Remembered as a kind soul beyond his cooking capabilities, Carlile has been in various Nashville kitchens for nearly 10 years, spending time in kitchens all around Nashville, opening Silo in 2012. He also spent time at Coco’s Italian Market, Radius10, Lime and Virago before signing on Earnest (formerly Hemingway’s) and recently opened Fat Kat Slim’s.

Carlile, a native of Indiana, was 39.

The restaurant industry has had a centuries-old suicide epidemic. In more recent years and even moreso since Anthony Bourdain’s suicide, more people in the industry, including now-in-Nashville chef Sean Brock, have been more vocal about the issues of mental illness, addiction, and suicide. Fat Kat Slim’s owners Bonnie Valentine and Christopher Weber say they plan to host more events in the future at their upstairs industry bar with a focus on supporting their fellow industry colleagues.

Anyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts can reach out for immediate help to the National Suicide Prevention lifeline (1-800-273-TALK) or the Crisis Text Line (text to 741741).