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No.308 Presents Camp — Nashville’s First National Park-Themed Bar

The owners of No. 308 bring a new passion project to the East Nashville space — and there are cocktails with elaborate terrarium setups

Bar No.308

Nashville is aflutter with sadness over the imminent closure of one of its favorite bars — No. 308 posted on social media last week that its final night would be New Years Eve. No doubt the final night will go out with a bang — but lucky for us, that’s not the end of the story.

Alexis Soler, Sean Glenn, and Michelle Pham sat down to chat about what’s next for the beloved bar and the end of last week — and it’s a full-on passion project inspired by Soler’s nationwide road trip — a tour of national parks.

Up next — No. 308 presents Camp — a seated-only affair, with a national park-inspired setting involving indoor trees, boulders, a fish tank, and elaborate drinks (including cocktails served in terrariums with incredibly detailed setups, named after 10 specific parks. Drinks come with pamphlets featuring information about the corresponding park. At month’s end, the bar will donate to each park according to number of each drink sold.

On the food side, don’t look for much besides trail mix and other camp-y snacks. Drinks, surroundings, and bringing the outdoors in are the focus at Camp.

Later in the night, the fancy drink setups go into storage in exchange for more approachable glassware — to accompany what some hope will be a familiar vibe of DJ and dancing.

After a decade in business as one of Nashville’s essential bars for happy hour and for late night, and with a couple of years left on a lease, the owners decided to change it up and bring something entirely new to the city. Camp has an ambitious opening date — which they hope will be sometime in February, after the owners finish the renovation themselves.

No. 308

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