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Nashville Food Writers Sum Up 2019 in One Word

The Nashville dining scene described in one word

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Hot chicken mac and cheese at Nashville Underground
Delia Jo Ramsey / Eater Nashville

Today, we continue dishing about the 2019 dining scene with several Nashville food writers. The experts have already given their restaurant standbys when dining off duty, named the best new restaurants, biggest surprises, and aired their Nashville dining grievances (to much reader input).

For the next installment, Music City’s dining experts attempt to describe the city’s dining scene in just one word.

Tell us how you would describe the 2019 Nashville dining scene in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Nancy Vienneau, restaurant critic, The Tennessean; food journalist, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine:


Chris Chamberlain, food writer at Nashville Scene, Sounds Like Nashville, and other publications:


Jackie Gutierrez-Jones, editor, copywriter, lifestyle journalist for Eater, Nashville Lifestyle, Time Out, Lonely Planet:


Alex Hendrickson freelance food and lifestyle writer at Eater Nashville StyleBlueprint, and others:


Ashley Brantley, food/travel writer for Eater Nashville, Nashville Scene, Frommer’s, and others:


*(emphasis on the -ing; we’ve still got a ways to go)

Delia Jo Ramsey, Eater Nashville editor and food writer:


Kristin Luna, freelance travel/food writer and founder of travel blog Camels & Chocolate:

My answer for 2018 still applies today— oversaturated. And it’s only getting worse.