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Voodoo Is Considering Nashville For Quirky Doughnut Expansion

And other Nashville happenings

Voodoo Doughnut
Voodoo Doughnut

NASHVILLE — Rumor has it Voodoo Doughnut is interested in setting up shop in Music City. Portland’s iconic doughnut shop Voodoo Doughnut distributed flyers in Houston last week — and a photo sent in from a tipster showed the flyer indicating the popular quirky doughnut brand is looking to expand to Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Las Vegas. A representative from Voodoo Doughnuts replied to inquiries, saying that they continue to explore opportunities but “at this time have no new announcements to make.” [EaterWire]

WEDGEWOOD-HOUSTON — Nashville’s essential fine dining destination Bastion is losing chef de cuisine Brian Baxter to a new opportunity in Atlanta, according to Baxter’s social media posts. He’s headed to a beverage-focused, small plates spot called Cold Beer —more details from The Georgia Sun here.

WEDGEWOOD-HOUSTON Hemingway’s Bar & Hideaway is getting a new name — Earnest Bar & Hideaway, according to owners Paul Cercone and Christopher Weber. The popular Wedgewood-Houston restaurant and bar owners said they had gained prior approval to use the old name, but that “every trademark comes with a cost,” and that ultimately the best business decision going forward is to change the name, while they say the inspiration remains the same, including the menu and team led by Larry Carlile. Hemingway’s first opened at 438 Houston Street in summer of 2017, an idea born from love of literature and passion for hospitality.

earnest bar and hideaway

DOWNTOWN Ellington’s Bar & Grill, the fourth floor restaurant at the Fairlane Hotel, announced a new executive chef this week. Nashville native Vincent Farr has taken the lead at Ellington’s. Joining the staff as kitchen supervisor in May 2018, Farr assisted chef Edgar Pendley on pre-opening tasks, and his leadership and culinary talent led him to quickly be promoted to sous chef in October 2018. Farr grew up surrounded and immersed by culinary influence as his mother was a well-established chef in Nashville. Farr worked in multiple restaurants in Nashville, beginning as dishwasher. He then moved to The Pharmacy, working his way up to kitchen manager. Farr moved from there to Urban Grub to work with Edgar Pendley, who would take Farr under his wing. Ellington’s is one of the only restaurants in Nashville serving a full food menu after 9:00 p.m.and is open daily for lunch and dinner. Ellington’s is located on the fourth floor of the Fairlane Hotel, 401 Union Street.

Vincent Farr
Provided by Ellington’s