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Tec Petaja / WSJ. Magazine

How Downtown Sporting Club, Open Today, Is a Game Changer for Lower Broadway

With four dining options, ax-throwing, a rooftop oasis, and Broadway-facing hotel rooms

Strategic Hospitality and Ben and Max Goldberg opened their most ambitious venture yet today — the multi-purpose 42,000-square-foot Downtown Sporting Club emerges on Lower Broadway, just steps away from the first day of the NFL Draft happenings.

The massive 411 Broadway project was originally intended for completion in August, but amped up progress with the aim of opening in time for this weekend — one that will see nearly 400,000 additional people in the downtown area gathered for the draft, marathon, and concerts.

In an article in WSJ. Magazine, Max Goldberg said the opening’s coinciding with one of Nashville’s busiest weekends is only fitting, “This is one of the most exciting cities in the world right now. We’ve always tried to extend people’s stays here. Now we finally have the rooms to do it.”

Downtown Sporting Club incorporates four distinct dining options, a rooftop bar, screening room, ax-throwing lanes, and 16 hotel rooms into four vastly different floors, and it seems to work. And while the city of Nashville erupted with echoes of sadness in June of last year when news broke that Broadway bar staple Paradise Park was closing — in true Strategic Hospitality fashion it appears they’ve given their beloved hometown a new place to remember. Plus, there’s even a surprise return of the long-lamented Paradise Park burger.

Keep scrolling to see a breakdown of the dining options, including full menus and photos.

Carter Assembly

Counter for coffee + cocktails, grab-and-go bites at Carter’s Assembly
Delia Jo Ramsey / Eater Nashville

Upon entering the first floor space from Broadway, a staffed reservation desk greets visitors, and Carter Assembly offers Crema coffee by day and cocktails by night. There are grab-and-go options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the morning hours, what just might be lower Broadway’s only morning juice/smoothie option is a fine bet after a night spent honky-tonkin’.

They’re also serving other light fare from smoothies to coconut granola and chia seed pudding. Not to worry — they also offer donut holes, pastries toasts, and traditional hearty breakfast plates during morning hours.

When coffee mornings shift to cocktail afternoons/nights, Japanese highballs, spritzes, and traditional cocktails answer. Fresh juices are still available during lunch and dinner, plus there’s daily soup, a brown bag sandwich, salad, sandwiches, and cold fried chicken.

The Ribbon Room

DSC’s main restaurant is a nod to restaurants of yesteryear — The Ribbon Room. Found by walking through large glass doors towards the back of the first floor space, a large bar occupies much of the center of the room, and dim lights and upscale finishes set the tone for the throwback-inspired restaurant. American-style classics like whole roast chickens and pork chops follow shared deviled eggs, bacon-wrapped dates, and crab dip. The Paradise Park burger makes its first long-awaited return here, too, alongside a handful of entree salads, sandwiches, and wild mushroom pasta from chef Amy Deaderick. The Ribbon Room is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., daily.

The R.E.C. Room

Delia Jo Ramsey / Eater Nashville

Located on the second floor, the R.E.C. Room serves a more bar-leaning menu alongside shuffleboard and board games. Menu items include the aforementioned burger, chicken wings and pizza fries, plus hot pastrami and Cuban sandwiches. Ax-throwing lanes occupy the back of the second floor, while the bar overlooks Broadway, and a central big screen has a host of lawn chairs for game-watching. Private banquettes are available for reservation. Named after named after Robert Edward Cater (who built the building in 1949), The R.E.C. Room is open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. daiily

Rooftop Bar

Delia Jo Ramsey / Eater Nashville

Open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, the fourth floor’s rooftop oasis will serve small plates plus brunch on weekends.