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Chef Sean Brock Officially Severs Ties With Husk

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The chef is now fully focusing on his upcoming East Nashville Appalachian project

Sean Brock Sean Brock / Official photo

Now Nashville-based chef Sean Brock left his role as culinary advisor at the four Husk locations across the Southeast yesterday, according to a press release and a post on Brock’s Instagram account this afternoon.

Brock stepped into the consulting role in August 2018, after he ended his tenure as chef and partner for The Neighborhood Dining Group’s Husk, McCrady’s, Tavern, and Minero. He then announced massive plans for his new restaurant in East Nashville — a sprawling temple to Appalachian cuisine and culture, and the place he said today in a post is the place he wants to retire in and leave to his children (Brock and his wife Adi welcomed their first child, Leo, in late February).

The chef intends to shift his efforts now entirely to the upcoming Nashville project, expected to open later this year. Husk will continue operations as usual under The Neighborhood Dining Group.