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A New Sushi and Korean Spot Slides Into Germantown Soon

Samurai Kitchen, from the owners of Samurai Sushi on Elliston, will open in August


Tipsters and facebook posts from beloved Nashville sushi staple Samurai Sushi announced the coming of Samurai Kitchen to Germantown soon. Set to open the first week of August, the new restaurant slides into the spot beside the Germantown Depot at 1318 6th Ave North.

Annie Choo, the daughter of Samurai Sushi chef and owner Yun Choo who purchased plant-based dining destination Avo in 2017, confirmed the opening and adds they’re currently hiring a GM in expectation of the August opening. Choo told Eater “Our new concept is going to showcase what we know best, sushi, but also will tie in our Korean roots into our menu. We are excited to share Japanese and Korean cuisine to Nashville.”

Samurai sushi, the cozy sister Japanese restaurant on Elliston is one named by many sushi aficionados as their Nashville go-to. Beyond the raw fish options, plenty of cooked rolls are on the menu, including one stuffed with a deep fried oyster and cream cheese.Stay tuned for more Samurai Kitchen menu details, and opening info, as August comes closer.