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Big Bad Breakfast Is Nashville Bound With Bacon, Benedicts, and Biscuits Galore

The Nations’ former EiO & the Hive space will be a new breakfast destination soon

Cathead chicken biscuit from Big Bad Breakfast
Elizabeth Rainey Dabney

Big Bad Breakfast, the breakfast mainstay from James Beard Award-winning chef John Currence, is heading to Nashville’s the Nations neighborhood on the west side.

An Eater tipster sent a link to the restaurant’s website, indicating that the breakfast spot backed by Fresh Hospitality would take over the former EiO & the Hive location, at 5304 Charlotte Avenue on the West side of town.

Chats with Currence confirmed that they are, indeed, doing a slight remodel of the space, with hopes to open in mid-September (shortly after the long awaited Charleston opening, the 6th and 7th locations for the breakfast restaurant.) Each Big Bad Breakfast location is unique and draws from businesses and ingredients in the local community — aiming to feel like a mom and pop restaurant, and not corporate, explains Currence in a phone interview. Currence told Eater that while they’re still in talks with local producers, they’re definitely partnering with Nashville Cannery and Kitchen to produce all jellies and jams, and will feature murals and wall installations in the newly refreshed space. All locations sell proteins like bacon and chicken sausage from their own slaughterhouse in Eva, Alabama.

The award-winning chef speaks excitedly about visiting the Nashville Farmers Market for the first time 15 years ago with local legend and chef Tandy Wilson, and recalls 15+ tomato vendors sampling their produce. The Oxford-based chef says he looks forward to working with the farmers market he considers one of his favorites — and having an excuse to visit the friends an music that makes him love Nashville. Just one of many reasons they chose Nashville — their largest city yet for the expansion of the morning meal brand.

Big Bad Breakfast first opened in Oxford, Mississippi, selling breakfast staples like pancakes, egg skillets, and biscuits, and in 2016, Currence published a Big Bad Breakfast cookbook. The restaurant’s name “Big Bad Breakfast” derives from the title of the book of short stories written by Currence’s close friend, the late Larry Brown, Big Bad Love.

Currence even hints at even more future locations in Nashville for the first meal favorite. Stay tuned for for more info and for updates closer to opening. In the meantime, scroll through some photos to see what to expect from the menu.

Big Bad Breakfast plate
Elizabeth Rainey Dabney
Big Bad Breakfast Chicken and Waffle with Local Mardis Honey
Chicken and Waffle with Local Mardis Honey
Elizabeth Rainey Dabney / Big Bad Breakfast
Big bad breakfast avocado toast
Avocado Toast
Angie Mosier / Big Bad Breakfast
BBB skillet
Angie Mosier