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Biscuit Love’s Owners Bring Prosciutto-Topped Pizzas to Hillsboro Village Soon

Take a first look at the menu for Karl Worley’s newest restaurant, ‘za

‘za wood-fired pizza ‘za / Official Photo

Chef and owner Karl Worley (of the line-inducing Biscuit Love mini-empire) is readying his new fast-casual wood-fired pizza restaurant to open by summer’s end. Inspired by the Worley’s travels in Italy, the beloved biscuit restaurant’s new sister slides into the former Juice Bar space, at 2005 Belcourt Avenue.

Replacing juicers and blenders with a custom-built Italian pizza oven, the counter-service restaurant will serve all pizzas in a to-go box, allowing pizza purchasers the choice of “taking out or hanging out”.

A first look at the menu for Hillsboro Village’s ‘za shows a selection of 12-inch wood-fired pies, led off by a whipped ricotta with honey and two salads (kale Caesar and grains, specifically).

Other than the whipped ricotta, Worley says his must-order menu item is the ‘thoroughbred hillbilly’ pie — a white-sauced one sprinkled with mozzarella, Benton’s prosciutto, and dressed arugula. Red sauced pizzas range from a classic margherita to one topped with Sopressata, mozzarella, and spicy honey.

Pizza add-ons include an egg, ‘nduja, or Calabrian chilies, alongside a selection of sauces for dipping.

Community tables from local craftsmen at Novel Woodworks set a highly family-friendly scene, accented by subway tiles, and brick red and charcoal hues. A Bill Murray mural and pizza-related quote occupies a wall of the space, which happens to be just steps away from Worley’s second location of Biscuit Love.

Stay tuned for opening info, but in the meantime, learn a little more from the biscuit expert about his foray into the pizza industry, and take a first glimpse at the menu below.

  • We know a trip inspired the theme for this new spot. What was the “aha” moment that made you decide to open ‘za?

KW: We had been looking for the right spot, knowing we wanted it to be cozy and have the right feel. When the spot opened in Hillsboro Village, we knew the time was right!

  • A polarizing question: what’s your favorite style of pizza?

KW: Whichever style I am eating right now!

  • Are you doing anything with this concept that you thing no one else is doing yet in Nashville?

KW: I don’t believe so. Nashville went from NY style pies to a great selection of pizza over the past 10 years. So many people are doing great pizza with local ingredients, we just hope to add to what is out there!

  • What was the menu development process like for ‘za?

KW: Lots of eating pizza! Lots of ideas. Did I mention we ate a lot of pizza (We have a photo of our daughter, Gertrude, on a bench in NYC after she had just declared she was sick of pizza…. Something I don’t think has ever been spoken by a nine-year-old)

  • Where did the recipes come from?

KW: Many are inspired by pies we ate in Italy, NYC, Philly, Knoxville. Gertie created one pie, and others were inspired by my childhood.

  • What local produces and vendors are you partnering with?

KW: Nashville Grown, Bear Creek Farms, Sequatchie Cove Creamery, Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese.

  • One last thing. What’s the story behind the #billmurral:

KW: We love Bill. Bill loves pizza. He’s a handsome fella. Let’s put him up on the wall.

Bill Murray mural at ‘za ‘za / Official Photo