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Bagel Shop Bids Farewell to Hillsboro Village

Bare Naked Bagel closes after one year in the neighborhood

Sam Angel

Food truck Bare Naked Bagel’s fixed home in Hillsboro Village is closed after just one year — according to social media posts.

The bagel shop owned by BNB Management (Justin Buttner, Robert Kane, and Ryan Buttner) posted on social media Wednesday morning that a series of issues contributed to the decision to close.

The post reads:

“To our beloved customers,

It saddens us to have to write this. Due to a series of issues Bare Naked Bagel will be closing it’s doors permanently. It was our pleasure to serve all of you a true labor of love in pure hand rolled bagels. It has been an amazing journey over the past five years from food truck to brick and mortar.

Thank you to all that have supported us along the way. We couldn’t have gotten this far without each one of you.”

Eater reached out to owners for further comment, but Kane just said that there were “a multitude of issues that led to the final decision to close up shop.”

Bare Naked wasn’t a new name for Nashville — it began as a food truck in 2014, when a group of upstate New York transplants noted a hole in the food truck market — none of them were serving bagels. Since 2014, Bare Naked has rolled and sold over 300,000 bagels across Music City from their rolling kitchen.