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Boom Bop Brings Beloved Sushi Burritos Back to Nashville

BJ Lofback’s new Boom Bop Burrito is currently popping up across Music City

A roving trailer disguised as a boom box is now serving sushi burritos at random pop-ups across Nashville. It’s the return of much missed sushi burritos from a new place called Boom Bop Burrito.

Chef BJ Lofback never set out to be known for his sushi burritos — but after a viral Instagram post in 2015, that’s exactly what happened. The Detroit native serves an addictively inspired Korean fried chicken, poke bowls, ramen, and more at his Funk Seoul Brother truck and at The Factory in Franklin. But people kept asking for more sushi burritos, which he stopped making a few years back. For a time in 2015-2016 the chef’s truck became a destination for the tuna sushi burritos, and to this day, he said no event occurs where someone doesn’t ask about the cult favorite dish.

Boom Bop Burrito is Lofback’s answer to the public’s demand for more of his sushi burritos, and a promise made good that Funk Seoul would remain dedicated to the Korean street food the chef is passionate about. Boom — because the trailer overhauled by East Nashville artist Troy Duff is a giant rolling boombox, and Bop — because in Korean, ‘bap’ means rice, which Lofback emphasizes is imperative to good sushi.

Currently, Boom Bop is popping up on short notice across the city. Lofback posts location info exclusively on the burrito trailer’s Instagram stories, so follow Boom Bop on Instagram to see when they’ll be popping up in Nashville with cult favorite sushi burritos next.

Boop Bop Burrito trailer Boom Bop Burrito / Official Photo

Boom Bop Burrito [Instagram]